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Understanding Horses

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Item # VUH-DVD

UNDERSTANDING HORSES - And Using That Knowledge
To Solve Common Behavior Problems

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Have you ever wondered why some horses shy from a piece of paper, or won't step in a shallow puddle? Horses' reactions are not the same as ours. This can be very frustrating when interacting with them. The horse, like each animal species, has specific genetically-coded behavioral characteristics that enable it to survive in its natural environment. Dr. Miller explains these ten qualities in horses, helping us to understand them and enabling us to shape and modify their behavior without the use of cruelty or physical force. These are the techniques currently employed by the Natural Horsemen who are revolutionizing horsemanship. Now you can learn why their methods work! With this DVD, you'll bring new understanding and enjoyment to your own equine relationships. Dr. Miller will also show you how to solve common problems, (disrespectful, hard to catch, shying, balking, needle-shy, barn sour/heard bound, and more) using this information in a thoughtful, stress-free manner. Two hours, 15 minutes.

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