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Safer Horsemanship

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Item # VSH-DVD

SAFER HORSEMANSHIP - How to avoid injury to you and your horse

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THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT HORSE VIDEOS EVER MADE. Horsemanship, like so many other of life's most enjoyable and most fulfilling pursuits, can be potentially hazardous. Too many horses and too many people handling them are injured, primarily because people have never learned the rules of safe horsemanship. In this video, Dr. Miller shows the safety techniques learned during his 40-plus years as an equine veterinarian, and a lifetime as a horseman. Information is given about why and when handling horses may be risky, and how to minimize these risks by simply utilizing the rules of Safer Horsemanship. The video covers safety while performing routine health care such as taking temperatures, examining ears, medicating eyes, worming, cleaning hooves, and sheath and udder cleaning, as well as safety while catching, tying, tacking and untacking, riding, horse housing, and handling. 85 minutes

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Your stories on how Dr. Millers Safer Horsemanship video may have saved a life:

"A quick story to confirm your 'loose boot' safety advice: Recently, while riding across a steep slope through heavy brush, a limb I thought would break didn't.  It shoved me out of the saddle.  As I went off, the brush snagged my boot and tapadero which put me upside down on the downhill slope.  My good horse was doing his best to keep his footing and stay off me when my foot slipped out of the slightly too large boot setting me free.  There was no way my foot could have come out of a regular size boot!  And some of these younger riders wonder why us old fogeys wear loose boots!"  - Our thanks to Harold Wadley

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**NEW** Lameness: Causes & Prevention