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Ranchin', Ropin' an' Doctorin'
Ranchin', Ropin' an' Doctorin'

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Signed Copy Ranchin', Ropin' an' Doctorin'Signed Copy Ranchin', Ropin' an' Doctorin'While he was visiting, I had Dr. Miller sign a bunch of these books. He even added a little cartoon to boot. Each one is unique. Click the image for a larger view of one of them. These make great gifts!

BRRD-SignedRegular price: $14.95Sale price: $11.95 (You Save 20%)

RANCHIN', ROPIN' AN' DOCTORIN' - A book of cowboy and horse doctor cartoons

This collection of Miller's cowboy cartoons was created for the National Cowboy Hall of Fame's Cowboy Cartoonist Art Show.

Long known to veterinarians for his hilarious "RMM" cartoons, Dr. Miller has over the past 50 years created many western and cowboy cartoons. Since his days as a wrangler and rodeo bum himself, Miller has always found humor in the world of ranching and rodeo. So sit back and get ready to laugh with Ranchin', Ropin' an' Doctorin'!

Paperback, 123 pages.

Price does not include Shipping or California Sales Tax.

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