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The Passion For Horses & Artistic Talent
The Passion For Horses & Artistic Talent

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The Passion For Horses & Artistic Talent - An Unrecognized Connection

Announcing Dr. Miller's new book and companion website on equestrian art!

Dr. Miller believes that there is a genetic connection in those people who have an overwhelming devotion to horses - the kind that leads them to make horses a central theme in their lives - and artistry. Through countless interviews with passionate horse people, he discovered that virtually all are also creative artists. Their talents are expressed in music, painting, drawing, sculpting, and dance most commonly. Others are skilled in woodcarving, leatherwork, ironwork, poetry, prose, design and almost every other conceivable art form. Commonly these horse people are talented in several of these arts.

This book explains the connection, gives numerous examples and explores the mystique of the role horses play in so many lives.

Included are chapters on the working cowboy - what keeps these underpaid, highly skilled people in their arduous and risky occupation? It is the horse, and the book explains the huge popularity of cowboy poetry and Western art.

Softcover, 174 pages
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