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Natural Horsemanship Explained

Natural Horsemanship Explained
Natural Horsemanship Explained

In my previous book, REVOLUTION IN HORSEMANSHIP, which I co-authored with Rick Lamb, I targeted the horse person who was unfamiliar with Natural Horsemanship, those who were familiar with it but disinterested, and those who were opposed to it. In this latest book I am targeting the convert - the believer in Natural Horsemanship, the student, and the clinician who teaches it. I want them to know exactly why and how it works. Understanding its efficacy will reinforce and refine the users' methodology. The horse is a highly intelligent species capable of exceptional communication with the human being, but only if the human has learned HOW to communicate. This book begins explaining why Natural Horsemanship works, including some concepts never before published. Then we examine different schools of thought within the horse world, and finally the significance of horses in the 21st century. Scroll down for table of contents and reviews

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Natural Horsemanship Explained - Softcover
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Reviews & Comments on Natural Horsemanship Explained


I first observed Dr. Miller in Texas in the early 80’s while I was a veterinary student.  He would travel the country, giving demonstrations of “tube worming” (passing a long plastic tube through a horse’s nose into the stomach) in less than cooperative horses.  He would take any horse presented to him, rearing, striking, and/or biting, and patiently and methodically demonstrate the procedure using desensitization and counter-conditioning.  That was in the days before Karen Parelli Hagen coined the term “natural horsemanship” and during a time when instruction of equine behavior was lacking, or only minimally covered in veterinary curricula. Dr. Miller has been a life-long student of animal (and human) behavior, and his passion for horses is palpable. “Natural Horsemanship Explained” is an easy and entertaining read that elucidates the behavioral science behind the effective training methods popular today.  With his keen sense of observation, decades of experience riding and working with horses in his veterinary practice, his wonderful sense of humor, and his obsession with understanding how horses behave, Dr. Miller’s book will be a useful addition to the library of anyone who is a horse lover, professional or student, working to improve their skills at reading behavior, communicating, riding or simply enjoying horses.

 Sharon J. Spier, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVIM

Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine

University of California, Davis


Table of Contents from Natural Horsemanship Explained

  1. What the Revolution Can Mean To Us

  2. The Mind/Feet Connection

  3. The Key To Leadership

  4. Horses Are Not Afraid of Predators

  5. Tools

  6. Desensitization

  7. Understanding Reinforcement

  8. Feel

  9. Early Learning

  10. Even Clinicians Make Mistakes

  11. Things we don't Fully understand

  12. whispering

  13. the myth of native horsemanship

  14. horses are copycats

  15. chimpanzees

  16. bigotry in the world of horses

  17. a boyhood dream fulfilled

  18. for the love of a horse

  19. look at their hands

  20. skeptics

  21. the working horse

  22. the warhorse

  23. the last warhorse

  24. the evolution of horsemanship

  25. what do horses mean to us?



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