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**NEW** Lameness: Causes & Prevention
**NEW** Lameness: Causes & Prevention

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Item # V-Lameness

Lameness: Its Causes & Prevention

How to Keep Your Horse Sound for a Lifetime!

Dr. Miller discusses 11 common causes of lameness in these chapters:

  • Age
  • Defective Conformation
  • Nutrition
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Injury from an Unsafe Environment
  • Inappropriate Ground Surfaces
  • Improper Foot Care
  • Laminitis
  • Infection
  • Genetics
  • And the most detrimental of all: Too Much Work at Too Young an Age

You will also learn:

  • Tips to Keep Your Horse Sound
  • How Veterinarians Ascertain Where a Horse Is Lame
  • The Latest Innovative Ways of Treating Lameness with Shane Miller, DVM (no relation)

Added Bonus Chapters

  • Julie Winkel's Conformation Clinic
  • Mary Cottrill's Natural Hoof Care
  • These provide insight into how your horse's anatomy and hoof care contribute to soundness.

Your horse represents a significant investment in time and money. This 90 minute video can prevent thousands of dollars in veterinary bills and premature retirement for your animal. Essential for every horse owner!

      "In my decades of practice as an equine veterinarian, lameness was a problem I dealt with daily."

                                                                    - Robert M. Miller, DVM


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Note: This video is shot in modern wide screen format. Viewing on an older full screen TV may result in some horizontal compression.
Price does not include shipping or sales tax (California customers only).

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